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nobuo yamada
"highway/nightmare" Cassette

(2018 / Regional Bears / 04

Side A 'highway'
Side B 'nightmare'




Early summer of 2007. I was free this day. I was driving on the Gulf Coast of Tokyo with my friend and two cars. I was using a cassette tape recorder to try something in this situation to discover new sound. I opened the window and tried connecting the car stereo inside the car while keeping the microphone of the tape recorder in the recording state. Something was born for a moment with wind and bay road, tape recorder and speed.

Also on the night of early summer 2007, I went to see a friend gig, I was bicycling from the station. Lighting of the old bicycle was driven by the friction with the tire. I listen to the sustained sound of that weak light machine. I added to make it respond to that image, a record of Damned and Tuxedomoon that was rotated in the reverse by hand.

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