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"Split" (CD)

(2005 / Blossoming Noise / bn005)


"Metal Junk Complex" というスタイルを提唱していく新たな名義「ARTBREAKHOTEL」の初作。USノイズ作家(Blossoming Noiseレーベルオーナー)/Graham Mooreとのスプリット。

Nobuo Yamada's elegant 20+ min track entitled Frozen begins with a stark silence which builds into glorious organic walls of crash noise staggering, breathing, and dilating. Graham Moore's tracks easy, chimpanzee sandwich 1 and chimpanzee sandwich 2 are filled with plenty of splashing silence jarred by outbursts of neglected sound.



REVIEW >>> Artbreakhotel is a young Japanese artist who apparantly likes the New Blockaders a LOT.Here's an extended track of cyclic, grinding metal scrape. Definitely sounds like TNB's "TNB est Mort" from the mid-90s, which I happen to like very much. Eventless, yet somehow in motion the entire time without leading anywhere..... [Blossoming Noise/US]


音響アーティスト、山田ノブオ氏の別名義ユニット「ARTBREAKHOTEL」とGRAHAM MOOREのスプリットアルバム。ARTBREAKHOTELはジャンク資材と遊び、たわむれているような、フィールド系ジャンクサウンド。GRAHAM MOOREはボイスなどを使ったコラージュ系神経質サウンド。




......[Disc Union/JPN]

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