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"Haikagura" 2CD

(2014 / Art into Life)




この世界から価値の無い物として棄てられたゴミの中から腐敗した金属のガラクタを拾い集め、そこに血と肉と骨を注入して一つのエネルギーの塊を作り出します。そのエネルギーの塊はすでに失われた野蛮の魂を再び勃起させ、空想の世界に安住する人たちを目の前の現実に引きずり出す事を目的にしています。TNBは息が詰まる程の真空状態のまま気配を無くす密閉の方法で、ABHは気配を同居させ共に解放へ向かわせる方法で 。





(This album has been designed to be played as loudly as possible).


Rusting metal junk, discarded as trash by a world that saw no value in it, but when filled with blood, flesh and bone it can be transformed into potent sources of energy. Those chunks of energy are designed to rouse once more our savage souls, to drag us out of our comfortable everyday reality into an imaginary world. TNB present us with a choking, vacuum-like, hermetically sealed space where you utterly lose touch with your senses, whereas ABH dwell with our senses then push them towards freedom. 


The cover art is a classical, elegant portrait photo by Rupenus which has then been walked over and spat on by Yamada.

Package consists of a long box, containing a handmade ‘objet’ card made of scrap metal (each one is different in shape and design) and a twelve-page booklet of artwork by the two musicians. Limited edition of 250.


Disc 1 TNB/ABH

Syntax Destruction

1.Rupenus / Julian / Yamada

2.Rupenus / Durgan / Yamada

3.Rupenus / Gillham / Yamada


Disc 2 ABH/TNB

1.Huddle Concrete Demonstration: Yamada/Rupenus

2.Unknown Soldier: Yamada/Rupenus

3.What's Ideology?: Yamada/Rupenus


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