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(2022 / Buried in slag and debris

Side A 'KARAS'
Side B 'Distorted March'

ジャンクアーティスト:Nobuo Yamada のハードコンクレートプロジェクト「ARTBREAKHOTEL」名義での初の単体LP作品。集積する幾多の金属ガラクタが無造作に絡み合いぶつかり合い嘶き続ける中、スピーカーから放出される音を極限なまでに物質として存在させたいという異常な執着が解放と共に暴走するSide A: KARAS。/つっかかりながら進むテーブルサイズのノイズフレーズの反復が延々と続く中、気が付くと徐々に脳を干渉するような雑多なノイズの森の中にまみれてしまうSide B: Distorted March。

Sculptures+Photos: Nobuo Yamada

Artwork+Design: Chris Gibson

Mastered: Foul prey

Junk artist: Nobuo Yamada's first LP work under the name of "ARTBREAKHOTEL", a hard concrete project. Side A: KARAS, where an abnormal obsession with wanting the sound emitted from the speaker to exist as a material to the extreme, runs out of control with the liberation, while the numerous metal junk that accumulates carelessly tangles and collides with each other. / Side B: Distorted March finds itself surrounded by a forest of miscellaneous noises that gradually interfere with your brain as the repetition of table-sized noise phrases continues endlessly.

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