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REVIEW >>> Nobuo Yamada, who runs the abh label in Japan, has created the most captivating TNB remix that I have ever heard. I thought that I had been transported into the mental madness that is TNB as far as I could be with the nihilistic stylings of the Rupenus crew, but when I first heard this release, I was catapulted into a deeper chasm, one that takes the mindless meditation of TNB recordings further on into oblivion...but at the same time, in a completely new direction. Originally released on abh in 2004 in an edition of 150 on cdr, "Empty Time of TNB" carved 3 new distinct TNB recordings into exsistance. 'Prickle/Crevice' is the first of these 3 tracks, and the most powerful. Images of 1000 sax players being blown to pieces and torn apart in the middle of a concert comes to mind as you listen...yet at the same are culled into an incredible psychedelic journey of meditative proportions...and left with a full feeling of the meaning of nothing.


When Nobuo heard that the project was going to vinyl...he blessed us with a new mix of 'Prickle/Crevice' even more powerful mix of the already insane testament to the sound of sound.............. [PsychForm Records/US]


Nobuo Yamada / The New Blockaders

"Prickle/Crevice" (one side & clear LP)

(2005 / Psycho Form Records / PFR 04) 


 "Empty Time Of TNB"(abh-10) で最も評価の高かったトラック"Prickle/Crevice" のレコード化にあたり、さらに映画音声などを加え再エディットした、"Prickle/Crevice" の最終完成形。ジャケット写真は"Empty Time Of TNB"で使った同場所の1年後のさらに腐敗が進んだテクスチャーを使用。



The "Empty Time Of TNB" most evaluation was higher in the "Prickle / Crevice" It is a work that was the LP record. Such as more movie sound to the original sound source the addition was built again, it is the final complete form of "Prickle / Crevice".  cover is a photo of one year after the same location that was used in "Empty Time Of TNB". There was on the way to corruption.


Standard Edition(ltd 300)Cover Photo by N. Yamada

Art Edition(ltd 100)Handmade Art Work by R. Rupenus

Delax Art Box(ltd 20)Handmade Junk Art by R. Rupenus   

”Beautiful detail you shoot the interior of the box is not opened yet”

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