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The Hit Bit Show 2015

抽象的な針金のフォルムを楽しんでいた時からわずか1年後、自分の中では全く新しいタッチが生まれました。明らかに子供と過ごす日常から自然に生まれた感覚…特に児童画が持つ根源的な喜びと自由の表現の再会は影響を与えてくれました。人々の場面をスナップした「Hit Bit Show」です。

Since enjoyed form of the abstract wire; only one year later, A totally new touch was born among oneself. The sense that came out of daily life to spend with a child clearly…The basic joy and the reencounter of the expression of the freedom that a picture painted by a child in particular had affected it."Hit Bit Show" which sketched the scene of people.

material: macintosh.

ⓒ Nobuo Yamada

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